Introduction to basic safe food safety - FREE

6 Chapters (32m)
  • 1. The importance of food safety
  • 2. Health and hygiene
  • 3. Temperature control
  • 4. Avoiding cross contamination
  • 5. Cleaning and sanitizing
  • 6. Food worker top 10
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About the course

We will look at The Importance of Food Safety. After that we will learn how Health and Hygiene play a key role in a safe restaurant or kitchen. Next, we'll discuss Temperature Control, Cross Contamination, Cleaning and Sanitizing, and the Food Safety Defenses you can start using today to protect the public. Finally, we will break it all down with what we call the "Foodworkers Top 10".

We will cover essential elements that food works need to know to keep food and their customers safe. We will demonstrate vital techniques, and even speak with some industry experts about proper food handling and why it is important.