b'GlossaryFood Thermometer: A metal-stemmed probe tool that is used to measure the temperature of food.Hand Sanitizers: Hand sanitizers are a gel containing a high concentration of alcohol that can be rubbed onto hands for about 30 seconds as an aid to kill most bacteria. Hand sanitizers cannot take the place of hand washing, but food service workers may use them after hand washing.Highly Susceptible Populations: Any person who is more likely to become ill when they are exposed to germs. The main groups that make up highly-susceptible populations are people Younger than five years old; Older than 65 years old; Pregnant women; and people with a compromised Immune system.Hot Holding: Keeping hot foods at a safe temperature after they have been cooked or reheated. The safe temperatures for hot holding are 135 F or hotter.Infected: A cut or burn that is red, contains pus, or is swollen is most likely infected and must not come into contact with food.Microorganism: Any tiny creature too small to be seen without the aid of a microscope. Some microorganisms cause disease.Parasites: Tiny worms that can be found in fish, meat, water, and humans.94'